Sparky NO LOG BASE Flat Wall Treadle Hearth

Steel Treadle Ash Hearth to suit Sparky with NO Log Base/Box painted in Satin Black

NOTE: Sparky with no Log Base/Box MUST have an insulated floor protector under the treadle steel plate unless placed directly onto a non combustable surface like concrete. 

- Low Profile for high traffic areas (Approx 2.1-2.3mm thick)

- Treadle pattern for anti-slide of any hot embers

- Low cost alternative to traditional tiled hearths (and unbreakable) 


Special Note: If purchasing the Treadle Hearth & Promina COMBO please note it is not supplied with an edge trimming to hide the promina.

$NZ Recommended Retail Prices only including GST. Prices do not include freight.

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