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Wagener Leon

Freestanding Multi-Fuel Fire

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The Wagener Leon is Sparky’s big brother and has evolved because you asked us for a larger version of this extremely popular wee fire.

Leon has all the features of Sparky but with an increased heat output of 16-18kw, an optional 3kw wet back delivering plenty of hot water and a fixed log box base for storage.

The name Leon is in recognition of Leon Kernot who started the family business and designed the first ever original Wagener Stove (Cooktop) some 40+ years ago. Leon the man was hardworking, entrepreneurial and very popular and that is our expectation from this stove. Leon the stove is designed by son Barry and partner Ngaire, who are currently still in the business, and are handcrafted and dispatched by the grandsons Troy, Kyle and Adam along with the rest of the Wagener Stoves team.

Leon has been built to work hard and stand the test of time just like his forebear the original Wagener Stove. He will keep you warm and cosy on the outside and will boil the kettle or cook a pot of soup or stew to warm your insides too. Leon can also be fitted with optional cook top rails as we do on Sparky, Wagener Trivets also available.

Heat Output

The Wagener Leon generates a comfortable 16-18 kw (estimated) heat output. A 3kw “Lion” wet back can be fitted to heat your hot water.

Wood Size - Depth maximum 410mm (Advised Max 380mm), Diameter maximum 240mm (Advised Max 200mm)

(We say estimated as we do not have specific test results from the laboratory at the time of clearance testing to the NZ Standard. The estimate is on lab controlled pine fuel tests. However in real life you will use a variety of fuels and load your fire in a real life situation. Years of solid performance have not disappointed our customers)

 Proudly New Zealand Made

Why choose a Multi-Fuel burner if I don’t intend to burn coal ??

  • Fitted with a grate and ash pan for ease of cleaning out the ashes.
  • Has an additional air control delivering air under the grate for better control and better combustion.
  • Additional air introduced under the grate makes lighting your fire much easier.
  • Additional air assists when the draw on your fire is compromised by still nights.
  • Additional air will assist burning when your fuel is not so well seasoned.

NB remember if you are not burning coal to turn this lower air control off after around 30-40 minutes and just use the top air control to regulate your fire. 



  • Modern clean burning technology
  • Solid 5mm NZ steel construction
  • Brick lined firebox
  • Removable baffle for easy cleaning
  • Optional "Lion" Wetback for hot water
  • Ash hearth floor protector
  • Large Cooking surface
  • Multi fuel (Wood or Coal)
  • Ashpan and Grate
  • High temp paint finish Metallic Black
  • Optional Panel colours
  • Log base wood storage
  • Optional Cook Top Rails

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FREE Kettle with any LEON Stove

Please mention this promotion to the Wagener Dealer when you order to receive the Free kettle

Promotion runs for orders between Saturday 27th Jan to  Friday 23rd Feb 2024 strictly.

Kettle Size 3L or 2.5L, Colour, Size & Style will vary.

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Wagener Leon Dimensions

Height  900mm
Width at stove top 455mm
Width at base 452mm
Depth at base only 505mm
Depth ashlip to screen 605mm
Flue diameter 150mm
Room heat  16-18kw


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Leon is New Zealand designed and handcrafted by Wagener Stoves using only the best quality materials with a special High Temperature paint finish.

Firebox is made with NZ Steel from the Glenbrook Mill.


The Wagener Leon is New Zealand designed and handcrafted using only the best quality materials.


Leon's firebox is covered by a 5 year warranty. (Please refer to our Installation and Operating Instructions for full details).


*$NZ Recommended Retail Prices only including GST. Prices do not include freight, flue systems, installation, hearths and the like.

At Wagener Stoves we are continually improving our products therefore specifications and designs may change without prior notice.

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