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We love our Wagener, it heats the water, entire house and we do all our cooking on it.
Kaye Scarlett

I've been meaning to write for some time now to say just how much we are enjoying our Fairburn wood stove. It's everything I was expecting and the family are really enjoying the use of it as well. Cooks well, and keeps the cottage really warm. Stays in all night without a problem. It's great. Thank you very much.
Kind regards, Guy.

Still loving our Fairburn, 6 years on. 
Best wishes,
The Fraser Family

We have a Fairburn stove which we love. Ours is 6 years old and going well. We use it as our main heat source for our house and it cooks a mean roast!! We live in Invercargill.
Cheers Andy J

What a lovely stove! I have had builders, electricians, plumbers and building inspectors at the house and they all get very excited about it. It has turned a damp miserable old ex state house into a warm dry home with a heart. And it has more than halved the power bill already. My daughter (it's her home) just loves it. Kind regards,
Pauline Bevin

3 yrs ago we purchased a Wagener Fairburn from Wilson's in Te Puke. It now takes pride and place in my wonderful kitchen, center place I might add. What a fantastic cooker. The amount of pots I can fit on the top of the stove is great. This cooker has seen many a meal eaten from it. From home killed turkey, beef, mutton, lamb, chicken, goat, bread, soups, jams the list goes on. Thanks so much for producing a wonderful product, and Kiwi made to boot. 
Karen and Will, Oropi

I was bought up on the farm and later in forestry with Orion and Shacklock 501 coal ranges. The Fairburn is a far more efficient cooker and better for heating than any of these old stoves were and it doesn't gobble wood like some of the other woodburners available. Between April and October our Fairburn hardly goes out and our electricity supplier must hate it with the way it cuts our power bill. She's a beauty!
Bill Simmons, Wanganui

"We have been very impressed with our new  Wagener Fairburn. We have an endless supply of hot water so this alone is a wicked power saving. As for the cooking and power bill, we would never go back to the old way of life again, our power bill has dropped over 50% and I haven't used my electric oven since we have had the Fairburn. PS. We have decided if we ever move our Fairburn is coming too."
Erica & Stephen Plaisted (plus all the kids), Gore

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Fairburn cooker. Since putting it in we have had the power off on our hot water cylinder, (about 2 months now), and have had plenty of hot water when we need it. We have also used it for cooking, baking bread, and when it's going there's always a kettle of boiling water whenever we want a cup of coffee or tea. Everyone who has seen it thinks it's amazing. Many thanks for a great product.  Len (Hill), Whangarei

Just a note to say how well our Fairburn is performing after about 8 years now. It always keeps the house warm and dry and heat travels through the whole house. We have had no trouble with it at all, VERY happy. In winter it supplies all our hot water needs - thanks for a great product (June 2015)

"I've recently installed a Fairburn stove in our house after the Champion Coal Range we have used every day for the last 20 years finally wore out. What a revelation the Fairburn is!
My wife who bakes bread every day was amazed at the ease with which she can now obtain and maintain the correct temperature for baking. Compared to the old coal range it's  "a piece of cake".
I was concerned that the wetback would be inferior to the Champion's 3 sided version, but no problems on that count either. The Fairburn is at least the equal of the old stove. If I had known how superior the new stove would be I would have made the swap years ago. Now if the Fairburn can last as long as the Champion and bake as many loaves of bread, I  will be truly impressed. So well done people for producing a great product." 
Steve, Great Barrier Island

We are very pleased with our stove (as we were with the Wagener Cooker that we installed in our last home), and love to see the flames through the glass fire door - makes you feel warm just looking at it. All our visitors love it. We have so much hot water - it's great. 
Tony & Linda, Wellsford



"Hi, just thought I would send you a picture of our newly fitted Wagener Fairburn. My husband and I are thrilled with it . We have a wet back on it and it produces more than enough hot water for our needs. We love to cook on it to. I designed the fireplace for it and my husband built it. Thank you for a great product"

Shirley Wilson


I have attached a pic of our newly installed Wagener Fairburn. We purchased this stove almost 2 years ago from Philip at Kings Mowers and Heating in Rangiora, Christchurch. We found Philip very helpful and fantastic to deal with. We used to have an old coal range (shacklock) in the place where the Fairburn is now....thanks to the earthquakes and losing the old brick chimney, we had to replace the old coal range. We used to use the old coal range a lot, to heat hot water and cook on, and really missed it. The Fairburn is very much equal to the old Shacklock in terms of how it goes with heating water and cooking on/in. The window in the oven is a great improvement over the Shacklock : ) I must say, in the September 5-day power outage due to the winds, the Fairburn well and truly reminded us why we love these stoves....we made perfect sausage rolls and bacon and egg pies with the pastry, bacon and sausage meat that had defrosted in the freezer. We had hot water and showers - such a blessing!!So, thank you for making these stoves.
Sarah and James. 

14 years ago I purchased a Wagener Cooker. It has served me well and I am still delighted with it. The Cooker is the heart of our household, it heats our water, cooks 95% of our food, keeps the whole house warm and makes our chosen lifestyle possible. I have only good things to say about a NZ product that works well and furthers the cause of self-reliance and off-grid living.
Graham Tuffery

I have had my Wagener Cooker since 1998. We use it extensively throughout the year both winter and summer. It supplies all of our hot water needs twelve months of the year. In summer we light it in the morning and bank it with two shovels of coal with a firewood base. We can cook breakfast on it and it heats enough hot water in our 360ltr hot water cylinder to deliver two lengthy showers and our hot water need during the day.

During winter we normally have more hot water than we know what to do with. The stove  handle’s all our cooking requirements plus heating and with our clothes drying rack (The pull up variety on rope) we never need to worry about getting the washing dry. Our savings are considerable not to mention the satisfaction with being independent of the electricity providers’

I have found that keeping the stove clear of soot build ups and checking on the condition of the firebricks and replacing them when they wear ensures that the stoves performs to peak efficiency. The fire grate normally lasts me about 2 years as I burn coal in my stove. General housekeeping relating to the stove has kept mine working perfectly for the last 16 years and given we live in Ohakune that’s very important as we depend on it.
Douglas Pitcher, Ohakune

Just purchased a Wagener Fairburn. It is an amazing piece of craftmanship and has transformed our farmstyle house. The food it produces is simply superb! We just love it!
John Simpson, Whitianga

We have just bought one of your stoves through John at Broadys. Well we have had it in for 6 nights now and the smile has not left my face! We haven't had all the finishing done yet but I thought I'd send you a pic of my absolute glee and pass on my gratefulness for the wonderful oven that you make - THANK YOU!  We are so delighted with it, our kitchen that has previously been the coldest part of the house is now wonderfully warm, and the food tastes incredible. I didn't think it would make any difference but the meat that we have been cooking seems more tender and juicy than ever before, love love love it.
Denise Langlands (June 2016)

I've had my Fairburn in for a couple of months now in my renovated beach house. I have yet to use the Smeg oven I bought at the same time and the gas cooktop only twice. Current power bill $22.82
Rob Wood, Dunedin (June 2017)

We have just recently had a Wagener Fairburn installed.We live on Durvielle Island so having a reliable source of heating and cooking especially during the winter months is important.We have been impressed with the fires performance not only cooking on the top but also in the oven. We have found the oven to be true to the temperature. The oven seems to keep meat, cakes etc from drying out unlike electric ovens. The wetback installed has met our hot water needs even when we have extra person staying. The fire is also economic on the amount of firewood needed. The warming drawer is a generous size and keeps food warm and is also handy for storing baking tins etc.  As is the plate rack. We find the two controls are easy to use.

John and Lyn Denby (2019)  

Hello! We have been using our Wagener Fairburn for about 3 weeks. I absolutely love it, have been cooking on it and in it constantly, the water is always hot and our power bill has shrunk! We have a big country kitchen which is always cosy now and the Fairburn is a revelation. Today she has been very busy (we named her Lucinda!), with two loaves of bread, a batch of pumpkin & sage scones, 12 fruit muffins, a frittata for lunch, a huge pot of bacon & golden pea soup on top, plus the ever present whistling kettle. It dries all my baking pans quickly and heats dinner plates nicely. Lucinda would be the best kitchen addition investment we have ever made. Lots of people are asking where ‘Lucinda’ came from. They are delighted to hear you are a NZ company.

Julie Greig, Maniototo


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